In return the climate equipment has been particularly careful

February 19, 2012 12:00 AM
In return the climate equipment has been particularly careful

True to its motto "be there" where needed, Generali real estate threw his vest on the first ground at the entrance of Issy les Moulineaux from Paris, ignoring the peripheral boulevard which crosses the Seine under his nose and the new garbage incineration plant buried along the waterfront, without forgetting the RSP on the rear channels. The proximity of the 15th and 16th arrondissements and the tropism of the Parisian West, redoubled by the attractiveness of the "media land" appeared on Boulogne, Issy and Paris, not to mention future urbanization on land Renault, were correct in this neighbourhood. Forgetful of nuisances, investors saw that benefits: easy accessibility and connection to district heating. It must be said that such land opportunity does not run the streets, offering the possibility if the obligation to mark a door of the capital! The visibility of the site is exceptional, with the decline of the Seine and the tangent of the device where daily circulating two million cars: an irresistible location!

Three bows

Also conspicuous is therefore conducted five years by Generali, assisted by Bouygues real estate operation. The investor talking about an event: "this building called Eos the goddess of dawn and mother of the four winds breaks the urban landscape of Paris West hanging look both by its facades of glass in which the Sun is reflected by the elegance of its silhouette..." "Is it necessary to add that Eos is the sister of Helios and that the three letters of the Godhead designate three wings that radiate from a body of common building with great propriety In fact, the driver cannot miss these three bows to Paris that point the bridge in curve of the device. The burst is almost aggressive, amplified by the tapered shape of the glass Spears. Please look at the road! "It is one of the strengths of the project", sets out the architect Bruno Willerval, winner in association with the Agency Arquitectonica in Miami of the initial contest organized among seven competitors. "EOS Generali will be the door and the window of the new business district that emerges on Seine-west", says he, aware of the power of attraction exercised by the building. "And it is not a coincidence if Microsoft chose this strategic location for its new European headquarters," said Generali. The American champion of the computer has already taken three quarters of the 34,500 square metres of offices (46.200 square meters out of net work), leaving to this day on the market a residue of 9,000 meters square offered at a price of 500 euros for a delivery end of the year.

The insurance group and its architects, daring if not risk taking paid. Refusing to build in the alignments as suggested by the local urban development plan, the Franco-American team opted for a building backing onto the rail embankment which leverages the views by its wings open range on the river Seine. "Rather than along the shore, developed a specific object slightly indented from the dock and it took the opportunity to develop green space in continuity of the installation nearby, according to the book loads", complete Bruno Willerval. Three vessels arranged comb and stand on a base of green space at 3.976 square metres. The reality is apparently less green, because much of this vegetation is embedded in the ground between the ramps of the imposing forecourt dragged between the bows.

Height and short scale

These rods along the flanks built concrete languages are the other notable feature of this clever project. "Accessible to the fire, they can enhance the reference level of 8 metres to avoid classification in IGH (high-rise building) and meet all the regulatory limit of 28 metres in height to the last floor, says architect.". The central vessel has eight floors and is 43 metres at the level of the acroterion while the West Wing and the linear back did have only seven. "Certainly pleased detachment to the deck of the device! The building also wins a general basement punctuated patios which concentrates facilities including three restaurants of business and a whole auditorium redefined at the request of the future.

Beyond its iconic shape, the building declines of other assets including performance HQE (high environmental quality) argued on fourteen approach targets. Developed between 2003 and 2004, while the repository was evolving, it ranks among the achievements of first generation having as objective thermal regulation into force 2005. Already with the label "NF tertiary building - HQE initiative", achieving plays on all the tables, apologizing for his full glazing for better boast. "To be classified HQE, we chose technically sophisticated lenses that combine qualities of acoustic and thermal insulation by returning much of the energy impact of the Sun, said Bruno Willerval.Ce will also be one of the last buildings tertiary access architecture of glass facades currently reduce 50 glazing and parent of sunshades to meet energy performance criteria"says the architect, which highlights the unique aesthetic quality of the glass and easy maintenance.

In return, the climate equipment has been particularly careful. "Instead of a heating and conventional air conditioning, a reversible system ceiling radiant has been retained, with coils of water (heated or cooled) attached above the false ceiling metal plates." "More expensive to install, this system regulated by Office is known to be more economical in energy use," says the architect. "The HQE certification expected in 2009, after the commissioning of the building, is not an end in itself", said Henri de Lavigne and Laurent Generali real estate Crépin: "More stroke marketing, Generali intends to promote virtuous consumption and best practices to optimize the actual energy balance and establish the creation of expected value of the program." Consistent with its appearance, the operation is at the edge of the real estate performance.